Why Choose Us

We are an affordable management company for small, mid sized, and self-managed associations.

My firm works exclusively with associations like yours. This means we understand the unique needs and requirements of smaller communities and have solutions that will work for you.

You will receive the individual attention no one in the industry can offer. No layers of management or bureaucracy here, you deal directly with me.

  • You will get every non-emergency phone call, text message and email returned within 24 hours or less
  • You will get my 25 years of experience managing associations like yours. This means your board will run more effectively, develop leadership, and improve communications with homeowners.
  • You will get my 25 years of experience lowering operating costs through thoughtful management of your budget and planning for regular maintenance to avoid “surprises” and special assessments.
  • You will get the personalized attention that will assure you consistent service we believe will exceed your expectations.
  • You will get regular on-site visits, which guarantees your property will be maintained to the Board’s standards
  • You will get all work, performed for the association, inspected prior to payment insuring that you got what you paid for.
  • You will get consistent and fair enforcement of rules and regulations violations
  • You will get our network of affordable, insured vendors, lawyers, accountants, and consultants for any kind of project or contingency. This means your association will be well maintained and expenses will be kept within your budget.
  • You will get flexible, timely, and comprehensive financial reports giving the Board of Directors the details they need in order to know the associations’ up-to-the-minute financial condition.
  • You will get thorough procedures for the collection of assessments, which means a stable cash flow.